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Request for Park Attendants

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Gull Lake Sewer & Water Announcement

Announcing receipt of $1.2 Million dollar grant from the DEQ to inspect all piping, manholes and lift stations, evaluate condition and predict replacement and costs. Click for more information.

Road Projects

Often, residents have questions concerning the construction, refurbishment and maintenance of roads within the Township. They also inquire about the working relationship between Ross Township and the Kalamazoo County Road Commission. This article is intended to respond to those inquiries.
Read "Roads of Ross Township" Article


Fall Clean-up is here and residents will be getting the out-of-doors looking nice. You can ask for a burning permit by calling the Township Office (731-4888). There is no charge or fee for a permit. Burning shall be limited to the period of each day from dawn to dusk and must be attended by a responsible person. Please call or stop in at the Township Office for a complete copy of the regulations.


Sign up at to help benefit your Fire Department. Follow the on-line instructions to register. The more you spend, the more your organization earns.

KCRC Roadside Vegetation Policy

Frequently Asked Questions regarding this policy

Recreation Plan - Adopted:

Read the 2013 Ross Township, Michigan Recreation Plan

Gull Lake Association


If we can't find you - we can't help you. Consider purchasing a reflective address marker for $12 from the Fire Dept. Order one today ... it may help save your life or someone you love. Stop by the Township Office to place your order for a marker.

United States Department of Agriculture

Grant Program and Loans at one percent available. 504 Single Family Housing Home Repair Program for eligible low income home owners. For more information or call 269-657-7055.


Unlicensed Builders
New Lead Certification


Well Water Testing

  • Have you tested your well water lately? It's easy. Sterile sample bottles are available at the Ross Township offices or at B.E.S.T. Labs, Inc., 8760 Gull Rd., Richland, MI 49083.

Gull Lake Quality Organization

  • The Gull Lake Quality Organization is an all-volunteer organization. Our mission is to address concerns and provide education regarding the use of natural resources of the Gull Lake Watershed.

Kalamazoo River Programs

  • The Kalamazoo River Watershed "TMDL" plan and information about many other projects can be found at:
  • This watershed boundary map provides information on local surface water runoff patterns, locations of storm drains and the down-gradient water body that may be impacted if rainfall or snow melt becomes polluted with oil, lawn chemicals, failed septic systems or animal/pet waste. Watershed Boundary Map
  • The Davis Creek Watershed planning effort is described at:
  • Information about the nonprofit Kalamazoo River Watershed Council can be found at:
  • The nonprofit Four Township Water Resources Council website is at:

St. Joseph River Programs

Other Partners & Contacts






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